Frequently Asked Questions

Q ) What does the Motorhome come with?

Basically everything you need for your trip, except for bedding, towels; and pillows. The main things you will get are, outside table and chairs, cutlery, crockery, pots, pans, utensils, mugs, glasses, TV/DVD, starter kit includes washing up liquid, dish cloth, sponge, washing up bowl, road atlas, first aid kit, dust pan & brush, fire extinguisher, torch.

You will get a full tank of fuel, to be returned full.

Q ) Where can we travel to?

You can venture anywhere in the UK with unlimited mileage, with the exception of Europe, were we allow 175 miles per day, so a week’s hire will give you 1225 miles in total for your trip, after that we charge just 20 pence per mile.

As motorhomers ourselves with many years experience travelling UK and Europe, we don’t want you spending all your time driving which can be very easy to do in a motorhome, trying to see

Q ) What sizes are the Motorhomes? And MPG

Roller Team 706 6 berth Fiat Ducato 2.3 Litre 7m long 2.05m wide 3.25 high 25/30 mpg

Elddis Autoquest 180- 6 berth, Peugeot 2.2 Litre, turbo, 7m long 2.05m wide 3.25 high 25/30 mpg

Winnebago View 5 berth Mercedes 3 Litre, turbo, Automatic, Cruise control, 7m long 2.06 wide 3.4 high, 20/22 mpg with built in generator.

All our Motorhomes have solar panels fitted. Generators can be hired if need be.

Q ) What Does The Hire Price Include?

– Everything except for bedding and towels (see point 1)
– Insurance for one driver (additional drivers can be added for a small fee)
– Full breakdown cover.
– Mileage as pointed out in point 2.
– Free parking space for your car whilst away (Vehicle left at own risk)
– 1 hour comprehensive handover.
– Gas; toilet chemical fluid, plus you can fill up the gas at any petrol station selling LPG
– Standard Cleaning on return (But heavily soiled will be charged extra, you will also be charged for cleaning the toilet cassette and grey tank if not empty and clean on return.

Q ) How can we book?

If the required dates and vehicle are available then we require a £125 non refundable deposit payable by either Bank transfer or PayPal. We will then send you an Email confirming your booking. The balance can be paid on pick up by way of cash. You will need to bring your Licence and ID photo Licence will do for this or a passport.,

Q ) What if we need to cancel?

You can cancel, but you will lose your £125 deposit.

Q ) What happens if we have an accident or breakdown?

Breakdown cover is included with the contact phone numbers in the motorhome along with our accident procedure.

Q ) Do we need to be plugged into electric?

We would always recommend you use campsites or facilities that offer electric hook up for you to plug in to, this will allow for your 240 volts sockets to work, as well as maintaining the battery output and allows for use of fridge and heating off the electric instead of using your gas, especially in the winter or colder months. You can, obviously use the motorhome without hook up, but you then loose the use of the power sockets and will restrict other electrical output such as the keeping the batteries charged, but to help with this a little we have fitted solar panels to all our Motorhomes, but you will still need to be conservative with consumption when wild camping.

The Motorhomes are fitted with an on-board water tank, this will last for around 2-3 days the gauges on board will allow you to see how much water is left and when the tank needs filling, there is also a grey water tank and this will need emptying when you fill up with fresh water, you will also need to fill up the separate water tank (on the Elddis) for the toilet flush water.

Q ) Wild camping or sites?

Taking into consideration safety and comfort and in addition to the fact that the UK does not provide dedicated motorhome stopover areas, we would suggest you stick to campsites for your travels or festival camp grounds for those of you attending festivals.

If you are travelling to Europe then this is quite different in many countries as they do provide and encourage the use of their dedicated motorhome stopover areas, these are called Aires in France,
and Stellplatz in Germany, Belgium and Italy have their own system in place, all these are areas exclusively  for Motorhomes, and they are located in numerous towns, villages, beaches, lakes etc, they are usually low cost or even free and most provide water, waste drains & toilet emptying points. These rest areas are ideal for stopovers or for a day or so. Some even have electric hook up. We strongly advise against stopping on any motorway service area overnight, either in the UK or Europe, as these areas are notorious for motorhome break-ins. 

Q ) Is There a Set Time for Collection and Return?

Collection time is usually from 9 am; drop off time is usually 2.30 pm.
We can however be flexible subject to availability wherever possible and as long as we know well in advance. There is normally a charge for this service and unauthorized late returns do face penalties.

Q ) Is there a Railway Station or Airport Close to you?

Yes, we are just a 20 minute walk away from Prescot Railway Station, and half an hour by taxi from Lime Street, Liverpool. We are 20 minutes from John Lennon Airport and 45 minutes from Manchester Airport.

Q ) Can we take Bicycles?

Yes, there are bike racks fitted to 3 of our Motorhomes that will carry 2, 3, and 4 bikes, so you will need to ask if any of these vehicles are available. There is no extra charge.

Q ) Are they available to hire all year?

Yes, you can hire all year round, but we would always advise that you go away prepared and stay on campsites with electric hook up for your comfort and book your sites in advance to allow for those sites that close for the winter.

Q ) Is the Motorhome easy to use, and how do you know how things work?

We will give you a handover to explain how everything works, which will take about an hour, so allow this time when you pick up. The controls are easy to get used to and the Motorhome to drive is a great experience, being high up, you are able to see a lot more than when driving a car, just take your time at first and you will soon get used to it.

Q ) Do we sell Motorhomes?

Yes, we have past hire vans for sale usually in the Autumn/Winter, ring for details, all our Motorhomes are well looked after and maintained to a high standard.

Q ) What emergency equipment is in the Motorhome?

There is a fire extinguisher, First aid kit, Smoke detector, Carbon monoxide detector, Spare bulbs, hi-viz vests, and all vans have a gas safety check every twelve months, Spare wheel & jack.

Q ) Do I get the motorhome I booked or viewed on a visit?

Yes, normally you get the motorhome you booked or viewed, but we reserve the right to change the motorhome, if the one you booked becomes unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances, such as accident repair or breakdown, but all our motorhomes are 6 berth and of similar lay-out.