Pet Friendly

Pet friendly motorhome hire is one of the first choices for adventurous animal lovers, make sure every member of your family gets the chance to relax and have fun, and that should include your pet. There really is no need to leave your four-legged friend behind, the charge for this is just £30 per pet, why £30! Well, this is to deep clean the motorhome on your return.

Travelling on a ferry with your pet

Pets are welcomed by most ferry companies. Each ferry company has different procedures so we strongly suggest you check with the ferry company beforehand. Pets are either restricted to a special on-board kennel or they have to remain inside the motorhome.

European Pet Travel Scheme

A pet passport is required when taking a pet to mainland Europe and Ireland. As a pet owner you are required to meet the animal health rules and make sure your animal is micro chipped, vaccinated against rabies and has a pet passport. When taking a pet from the UK to mainland Europe, the pet can be exposed to diseases passed on by bites from ticks such as tapeworm and heartworm to name but a few. If your pet shows any signs of being infected then notify a vet immediately.

Tips on having a successful touring holiday

  • – Exercise your pet before embarking on a long journey
  • – Travel by night when possible so your pet will then most likely sleep
  • – Never leave your pet in the vehicle in high temperatures and direct sunlight
  • – When travelling on long ferry routes make sure you arrive early so your campervan can be positioned in the best area for the welfare of your pet
  • – Remember your pet will need an EU passport if travelling abroad
  • – Take your pet’s favorite blanket, avoid letting them sleep directly on the furniture
  • – NEVER leave your pet unattended in the motorhome.